Fashion Illustrations are the most beautiful and glamorous form of portraiture, where everything is at its ideal. Bridal Sketches are artworks based on your wedding photographs, or if preferred, a classic fashion pose.

Original artworks make a truly unique gift, not only for current or recent brides, but also for any woman who has once been a bride. Timeless artworks can be created for mothers and grandmothers, which pay tribute to the historical setting but are also contemporary.


How does it work?

You supply a good high quality (able to be printed out at A4 size with clarity) photograph of you in your wedding dress, plus a few other pics with alternative angles or close-ups of the dress details.

Take a look at some examples of my bridal work and decide which is your favourite style, then simply tell me if there’s anything you’d like changed from your photograph, such as pose, hair, etc.

Then voila! I produce a beautiful fashion illustration of you in your fabulous dress.


What does it cost?

The price is $350 for an A3 (29cm x 42cm) artwork on archival-quality Italian hand-made paper.  For A2 (42cm x 58cm) the price is $420.


Can I draw the groom also?

Yes I can, but these illustrations are more classic and beautiful with just the bride.  The reason for this is that in a fashion illustration, the proportions of the figure are lengthened and glamourized, but more so in the female than the male.  Having the two figures together means the same techniques can’t be applied.  Including the male also takes a lot longer, so the price increases to $450 for an A3 artwork ($520 for A2).


What if I’d like to give a Bridal Illustration as a gift?

Gift certificates are available to give on the day.  However if you’d like to give the actual illustration on the day, I suggest a Design Artwork (see information page).  I will either need to be supplied with the dress details (description, photos, rough sketches), or have the contact details of the dress designer/supplier to get this information.  Any information you have regarding hairstyle or accessories would be great too.  As these illustrations don’t require such time-consuming likeness, they cost less:  $250 for A3, $300 for A2.


Other services include unique bridal stationery using your own original artwork or artwork from my archive:  Thank you cards, Invitations, Place cards.


All illustrations by fashion illustrator Angie Réhe (

Prices are for unframed artwork and include postage.

All artworks are delivered in a beautiful black hardcover folio with ribbon ties.